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Since 1988, we are trusted for manufacturing the best quality Food Products such as Rabdi Kulfi Mix, Vanilla Cake Instant Mix, Custard Powder, Cocoa Powder, Corn Flour, Rock Salt, Roasted Rawa and many other products. 

An Introduction

Food is love for a large number of people across the globe. As per a survey, every day, there comes a time, when people crave for having something tasty and flavorful to eat. To provide people with such products that are easy to make and hygienically processed, we, Naval Prabha Foods Pvt. Ltd. have been running our company since 1988. 

We provide a variety of instant mixes & ready to make products such as Vanilla Cake Instant Mix, Rose Falooda, Rabdi Kulfi Mix, Badam Pista Ice Cream Mix Powder, Idli Instant Mix, Custard Powder, etc. In addition, customers prefer us for buying high quality Baking Powder, Cocoa Powder, Corn Flour, Rock Salt, Premium Vanilla Essences, Pink Liquid Food Color, Roasted Rawa and many other products. 

At our company, we pay attention towards maintaining hygiene and high quality standards. This focus of ours enables us in bringing forth safe to consume, tasty and flavorful products to customers, and thereby in becoming a successful manufacturer and exporter of the foods & beverages industry. 

Team We Have

To enable us to serve a range of food mixes, flour, salt, bakery powder and many other food products, we have appointed a professional team. We are pleased to have a team, which is honest, dynamic, hard working and capable of accomplishing tasks in an appreciable manner. The personnel that are on our payrolls are focused and well carry out their tasks in a coordinated manner by working in a team. Due to focused approaches, sincerity and determination of our team members, we are maintaining the quality of offered products and regularly introducing impressive food items in the market. 

Our Learning in The Industry

We have spent over 34 years in the food products market. In the industry, we have witnessed many companies that started their operations and badly failed. But we have been standing tall, retaining the trust of a large number of customers because of several factors. We have faced numerous challenges and problems in the journey but handling them well, we have emerged as a leader in markets of Vanilla Cake Instant Mix, Rabdi Kulfi Mix, Idli Instant Mix, Baking Powder, Corn Flour, Rock Salt, etc. Below mentioned points elaborate our learning:

  • We have gained knowledge about several processing techniques and their results. 
  • We have got skills of customer acquisition and retention. 
  • We have learnt about how to tackle competition

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